Firewatch Studio

We design responsive, reliable, and scalable websites that get results. Whether you are a small-town boutique shop or a cutting-edge L.A. film studio, our team is here to help your business grow by creating the perfect online presence for your brand.

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We use the power and flexibility of Squarespace as the CMS for your site.

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Let us worry about the details - you have more important things to do.

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We help put out fires (ie, technical issues) generally before they even start.


we work with our clients to design & Build sites that maintain pace with your brand.

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Our first step is building the very foundations of your new website with both your short & long-term goals in mind. All websites require maintenance to stay up-to-date and functional, and, as with anything, preventative maintenance is more affordable than emergency. We’re here for that too. We keep all the moving parts of a website under one roof.

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Not only are we here to help tackle tech issues when they crop up, we proactively monitor your site to spot issues in advance, we field technical emails, and overall focus on putting out fires before they spread. Pun somewhat intended.

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Clients don’t pay an up-front design fee, saving thousands of dollars, and with our tech support and design services rolled into one, Firewatch serves as your outsourced in-house team. We are different in that we build our clients modern, mobile-friendly, highly-responsive sites and stick around to make sure those sites remain up-to-date and reflective of your brand 24/7.

Finally, someone who gets it.
— Robin Lyles, Owner 'The Lake House'

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Websites often need visual assets and marketing.

Firewatch can help you create and navigate these crucial aspects of your web presence.





Flexible web-design, site management, and visual assets for Molly Sims.



Content migration and site re-design for global non-profit, GLI.

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