Firewatch studio

Metro Detroit / Los angeles

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We are an enthusiastic team of experienced web designers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, tech heads, and graphic artists here to help you put your best foot forward.

We are firewatch

Collectively, we are a multi-disciplinary team with various strengths and backgrounds, excited to use our experience to create imagery and content that reflects your ideas and your business.

Our forces combined

We understand the importance and challenges of running a small business, and we're here to best represent you online by listening to your ideas.


We've been doing this since the late 90's, and we've kept ahead of the times by utilizing the most modern tools in our creative and commercial work.

How we can help

We approach each project as if it were truly our own, pouring a tremendous amount of attention, creativity and energy behind your ideas and your brand. Don't think of us as "for hire", we're here to be a part of your team.

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Get in touch

Ready? Let us know how we can help!