Molly Sims

Flexible web-design, site management, & visual assets for Molly Sims.


Actress, author and lifestyle blogger, Molly Sims brought on Firewatch for a web design refresh, keeping us on to manage, search ads, email campaigns as well as visual assets.

The Molly Sims brand is as energetic and active as its namesake. Molly’s website needed to be fresh and flexible to consistently reflect new projects and partnerships. The global relaunch of the site in 2017 coincided with the launch of her new book, Everyday Chic, capturing the audience that she built through impeccable yet approachable branding.

Every detail of was designed with the elaborate and involved set of content that Molly produces. Flexibility and effortless UX that was mirrored in email campaigns and social media posts helped continue to grow the brand.


Web Design/Management/Ads/Email Campaigns/Visual Assets


Molly Sims is an all encompassing lifestyle brand. The model, actress, author and life-style blogger gained her popularity and audience at the beginning of her career and continues to effortlessly move from one project to the next, taking her audience and fans along with her. But, she found herself needing a solid web presence to continue expanding her endeavors. We helped Molly and her team focus on her projects by building her a flexible and reliable website. A website that’s always up to date, always reflective of her brand.

After having several website iterations over the years, and always becoming frustrated that the studios would build her a site and then hand over the keys. Without an in-house development team it’s hard to keep up with all the technical aspects of a website - building out new project pages, connecting a new campaign with pop-ups and landing pages, keeping up with domain renewal and registration, hosting issues, connecting and maintaining analytic sources, and the list could go on and on. Not to mention it becomes time consuming and expensive to continue to “re-hire” the team that built your site in the first place. If they even make the time. That’s where we came in - taking her current content and re-imagining it into an effortless UX experience that allows for Molly and her team to showcase any and all existing and new projects.

Life gets busy, especially when you’re a Mom of three and running a business! We strive to be there for our clients in even the smallest of ways. We are an email or phone call away, and are always responsive and communicative. Because of our work ethic and workflow we have been the out-sourced in-house team for Molly and her team for several years. We manage her search ads, provide photography services, manage her email campaigns and are around to quickly provide graphics and tech support as needed.


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